Revitalizing your business through cloud migration

Your it-systems are the lifeblood of your company. Your individual it-systems handle everything form orders to production, distribution and billing and all the transactions between staff and customers. Maintaining classic it-systems often entails vendor lock-ins, rising costs and impaired agility. What if your it-systems were able to act as a consolidated, intelligent and well-oiled machine that is tailored to your business objectives and customer needs? All you need is the right platforms, middleware, contracts and cloud strategy.

A majority of your it-systems can already run on cloud services hosted by the major cloud service providers such as Microsoft of Amazon, they can run on third party cloud solutions that are hosted by national or regional hosting centers or be run on your own private on-premise platform. The choice is yours and we can make it happen.  

We offer a classic approach consisting of a high-level transition plan, help in setting up a DevOps team that consists of system administrators and business developers and report directly to management (not IT) and guide your company clear of the potential minefields along the way. Our classic management skills are supplemented by our unique execution skills. Our execution skills keep your transition on track and enables your company to forge the right path from a Transition Mode of Operations to the Future Mode of Operations. This is accomplished by applying our knowledge of the relevant market for cloud-based services, applying relevant technical standards and by applying best in class vendors and procurement tools.

Our unique skills can be effortlessly scaled using our collaborative national and international partners. These partners can assist the DevOps team with a wide range of services such as:

·         Make your Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM systems support an integrated flow between your customer service and billing processes

 ·  Ensure profitable business intelligence through Microsoft Power BI solutions

·         Design, developing and implement a specific integration between your it-systems

·         Coding specific “apps to fill the gaps” or implementing new invoicing or account overviews

·         Execute transition of individual systems from on-premise to the Microsoft Azure platform

·         Hosting or housing your future IT-platforms

For instance, some of our major collaborators are based just south of the Danish border and offer highly skilled specialists and programmers with impressive references on the Microsoft Dynamics platform. They are readily available, can add specialists when needed in the transition process. They cost a fraction of the Danish equivalents – if you can even get hold of such specialists locally.

If you need further information or want to experience a specific demo of ERP related add-ons such as Asset Management or GDPR tools feel free to contact us.