Eduroam at MKC

Terms of use

By using using eduroam authentication service and internet connection ("the Service") at MKC headquarters you consent to the following terms:

  1. Your use of the Service shall only be for lawful purposes. It is your responsibility to ensure that any transfer, processing or storage of data or files conducted by you will fully comply with applicable Danish law.
  2. Your use of the Service shall not be aimed at overwhelming, altering, damaging or circumventing any security measures or infrastructure components operated by eduroam or MKC.
  3. If you become aware of any of the before mentioned security breaches by you or anyone else to the Service you shall promptly inform MKC staff.
  4. The service quality on the Service is provided according to our best efforts with no warranty on coverage, capacity or reliability given.
  5. The service security on the Service is provided according to our best efforts with no warranty on internet security or privacy protection given.
  6. Authentication attempts on the Service will be logged by MKC using an accounting server. Processing and storage of these accounting data will soleby be conducted in order to conduct error handling and maintaining security.

We hope you will enjoy using the Service. To learn more about the eduroam service in Denmark please visit To learn more about MKC please visit

MKC support staff is ready to help you make the most of your internet experience at MKC. Please feel free to contact MKC at or +45 2170 8717.

Best Regards
Morten Kjeldgaard